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Bird images

Albert The Great Swallows

Man and beasts / Albert the Great; translated by James J. Scanlan V2.ALB 1

Aristotle Historia

Historia animalium: Books I-III / Aristotle V1.ARI 2.1b

Swallow postcard

Swallow Postcard

Woods Handy Naturalist

Woods golden eagle

Woods Wren

Cormorant postcard

Waterton cormorant

Essays on natural history; chiefly ornithology / Charles Waterton STORE 33:24-25

Fontenille stuffed bird plate

Fontenille Woodpecker plate

Fontenille Webbed foot plate

Audubon plates

Wabler postcard

Capercaillie postcard

Stoner Courtship

Courtship and display amongst birds STORE 211:31

Rennie Toucan

Rennies Flamingo

The Faculties of Birds / [James Rennie] STORE 88:2

Flamingo postcard

Tickells woodpecker

Emerald cuckoo

Postcard envelope

Coot postcard

Green tody postcard

Cuckoo postcard


Spare the birds

Spare the birds / Carolyn Merchant V7.GRI.MER 1


Birds and man / W.H. Hudson STORE 211:58

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