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Pritchard images

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C.R. Goring's Operative Aplanatic Engiscope, from Microscopic illustrations. Click on an image to enlarge

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Larva of a species of small gnat 'hitherto undescribed'

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Pupa of a species of Libellula, or Dragon fly 'just before its transformation into the perfect fly'

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'Notonecta or boatfly' (fig 1) together with a magnified view of a 'mature animalcule'

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This frontispiece from The microscopic cabinet 'exhibits a magnified view of a group of polype in different states of contraction, with their prey within them; a small circle shows them of the real size'

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Larva of the Ephemera Marginata

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Larva and Pupa of a Straw-coloured Plumed Culex or Gnat

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Larva of a species of British Hydrophilus, or Water Lover

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