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Newton images

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Francesco Algarotti (1712–1764) Sir Isaac Newton's theory of light and colours and his principle of attraction : made familiar to the ladies in several entertainments. In two volumes / Translated from the original Italian of Signor Algarotti. (London : Printed for G. Hawkins..., 1742) STORE 71:5–6

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Francesco Algarotti (1712–1764) Il Newtonianismo per le dame, ovvero Dialoghi sopra la luce, i colori, e l'attrazione. Novella edizione emendata ed accresciuta. (In Napoli: A spese di Giambatista Pasquali, libraro e stampatore di Venezia, 1739) STORE 71:4. Click on an image to enlarge

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Instruments used to carry out the experiments.

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Oxford Arms pub where the Life of Sir Isaac Newton was sold (as stated in publisher's imprint). Photograph taken in 1875, the year before it was demolished.

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Engraved illustration of Desaguliers' 'Planetarium', an instrument made 'to shew the Motion of the heavenly bodies'. In his Course of experimental philosophy (London, 1734) STORE 82:6–7. Click on an image to enlarge

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Frontispiece from David Brewster's Memoirs after painting by Godfrey Kneller.

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Reproduced from frontispiece of: Isaac Newton, Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica. 3rd ed. (Londini : apud Guil & Joh. Innys, 1726) Engraved by George Vertue (1684–1756) after painting by John Vanderbank (1694?–1739), Whipple Library STORE 70:7. Click on an image to enlarge

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From The Newtonian philosophy, and natural philosophy in general : explained and illustrated by familiar objects in a series of entertaining lectures (London, 1838) STORE 71:10

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Black and white stipple engraving by S. Freeman from portrait by Godfrey Kneller (1646–1723). Reproduced from Whipple Museum Wh.3525. Image © The Whipple Museum. Click on an image to enlarge

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An imaginary, romanticised scene of Newton executing a prism experiment with two female onlookers. Reproduced from Whipple Museum Wh.3965. Black and white engraving by Meadows after painting by George Romney (1734–1802). Image © The Whipple Museum.

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Nursery objects here illustrate relationships between the sun, earth and planets.

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Diagrams concerning a lecture on 'Friction in Mechanical Engines' in Desaguliers' Course of experimental philosophy.

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Representation of an air pump in Desaguliers' Mathematical elements of natural philosophy.

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Dedication in Desaguliers' Mathematical elements of natural philosophy translated into English from 's Gravesande's Latin original.

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