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Whipple Library

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Studying at Cambridge


New Books

The Whipple Library acquires on average over 500 books a year in hard copy and electronic format. This includes a mixture of new titles and older classics that meet the criteria set out in our Collection Development Policy.

A selection of recently catalogued titles is provided here. Click on the images for holdings and availability:

        McBirney   Birds, other animals and natural curiosities          Lewis   Quantum Ontology           Gay   Chemistry Department at Imperial College London

     Diogo   Europeans Globalizing          Klemun   Expeditions as Experiments         Dacome   Malleable Anatomies         Richards   Darwin and the Making of Sexual Selection  

         Dunn   Navigational Enterprises in Europe and its Empires            Thorley   Writing Illness and Identity             Wittje   Age of Electroacoustics



     Collins   Gravity's Kiss    Grigson   Menagerie    Laqueur   The Work of the Dead

Franklin   What Makes a Good Experiment   Schonebaum   Novel Medicine   Siskin   System   Soler   Science as it Could Have Been

 Zeheter   Epidemics Empire Environments   Raphael   Reading Galileo   Shickore   About Method