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Whipple Library

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

University Library – Rare Books Department

These are are just a few of the key HPS-related collections held by the UL (links below lead to descriptions on the UL Rare Books Dept website). UL books are mainly catalogued on Newton (but see Specialist Catalogues for further details). For more information about the UL's extensive collections try browsing by subject on Newton, visit the website or contact staff of the Rare Books Department.

  • John Couch Adams Library: 1500 volumes, mostly pre-1700 on science, especially astronomy.
  • Anatomy School (including Suffolk General Hospital Collection): Books transfered from the School can be found at classmark CCA-F.46.
  • Darwin: Books, periodicals, and offprints from Charles Darwin's working library, including copies of his own works, which contain his annotations. These have the classmarks CCA.24
  • De Laszlo: Books on phytotherapy.
  • Hanson Collection: Contains books and atlases, British and foreign, on the history of ship-building and navigation.
  • Hunter Collection: 7000 works on psychiatry and psychiatric treatment, which was formed by Ida Macalpine and her son, Richard Hunter.
  • Keynes Collection: 15th–20th century books, including medicine and surgery.
  • Leigh Collection: Collection that belonged to Ralph Alexander Leigh (1915–1987) which includes books on French philosophy.
  • Montaigne Library: Collection of books connected with Montaigne's life and times, including ten volumes from Montaigne's own library.
  • Pathology: Medical books, 16th–19th century, transferred from the Department of Pathology. Includes many books from the Hunterian Society of London.
  • Royal Commonwealth Society Archive: Collection of books, pamphlets, periodicals, official publications, manuscripts and photographys on the British Empire, the Commonwealth and member countries.
  • Royal Library: Strong in medical books.
  • Society for Psychical Research Archive: Occult sciences, psychic phenomena and hypnotism.
  • Venn Collection: About 1100 books on logic, donated in 1888 by the logician John Venn.
  • Wane Collection: Books on ornithology.
  • The collection of F.P. White, former librarian of St John's College, acquired between 1962 and 1964. The subjects cover mathematics, physics and optics, and range from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, most dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.