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Mantell title

Gideon Mantell,
The geology of the south-east of England.
Donated by Martin Rudwick. STORE 222:24

In the mid-1830s, surgeon and geologist Gideon Mantell (1790-1852) owned the two most complete specimens of what would later be called dinosaur fossils. In February 1825 Mantell announced the discovery of the Iguanodon, the earliest evidence consisting of just teeth, and he went on to show that it had been a gigantic herbivorous reptile. He later discovered the Hylaeosaurus, a heavily armoured creature, which confirmed that dinosaurs walked on solid ground and were not amphibian. His paper announcing the discovery of the Hylaeosaurus is included in this volume. Besides numerous dinosaur finds, Mantell also discovered dozens of other prehistoric creatures and became well-known for his studies of the strata and fossils of the south of England. His dinosaur specimens became the main attraction of his private geological museum until he sold his fossils to the British Museum in 1838 for £4000.

Mantell Hylaeosaurus


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