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Whipple Library

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Whipple Library Classification Scheme

The Whipple uses a simple in-house alphabetical scheme to arrange books on the shelves. The following table summarises the thematic categories we use and indicates which level you'll find them on.

We strongly recommend browsing the shelves in the areas you're interested in to get an idea of what's here and what other work has been done in the field.

Old Library

General History A
Historiography - Philosophy of History B
Arts and science C
Religion and science D
Museology E
Philosophy F
Social theory G
History of philosophy H-H7
Bound journals

Main Library

Level 1

History of philosophy (continued) H8
Reference REF
Oversize A-Y
Philosophy of science I
Ethics J
Science, technology & society K
General history of science L-L6

Level 2

Entrance & reception
Current journals & new books
Reserve collection (ask at staff desk)

Level 3

General history of science (continued) L7-L9
Institutions of science and learning M
History of scientific instruments N
History of mathematics O
History of cosmology, astronomy & astrology P
History of earth sciences Q
History of navigation, cartography & surveying R
History of physics S
History of chemistry T
History of occult sciences U
History of life sciences V

Level 4

History of medicine W
History of human sciences X
History of technology Y