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Atlas of human anatomy. Vol.3, The nervous and blood vascular systems and the sense organs of the human body ; with an appendix on the lymphatic system, by Dr. Johannes Sobotta ; edited from the sixth German edition by J. Playfair McMurrich.
New York : Stechert, 1928.
STORE 211:56

Aiming to make life easier for the student, the illustrations are presented “as they are seen by the student in his dissections”. The preface states that the main change to the different editions is the increase in the number of illustrations. If we compare this to the Quain we can see how student textbooks have developed, containing more coloured illustrations and looking less complicated. 



Cunningham's Manual of practical anatomy, revised and edited by J.C. Brash and E.B. Jamieson.
London : Oxford University Press, [1940]
STORE 114:11-13


This book is one of the youngest textbooks on anatomy from our collection. First published as The dissector’s guide in the late 1870’s, its title was later changed to The Manual of practical anatomy in 1896. The copy here is the tenth edition with Cunningham only working on the manual to the fourth edition. Daniel Cunningham (1850-1909) was a man of many talents, not only was he knowledgeable in human anatomy but also in that of animals, he was an anthropologist and an administrator for various departments including the Territorial Army and Government Fisheries Department as well as taking up academic roles. These volumes were aimed at the student who was dissecting for the first time. Here we have the third volume which covers the head and neck and includes various different types of illustrations, including radiographs. These books look well used, have a previous owner's details in
the front: “Thomas Frankland, Trinity 1945” and a few markings and doodles
in the back.

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