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The elements of the theory of astronomy


The elements of the theory of astronomy, by J. Hymers
Cambridge, Printed at the Pitt Press…, 1840.
Second edition, revised and improved


The mathematician John Hymers (1803-1887) graduated from St. John’s College in 1826, was elected a fellow in 1827, and combined private teaching as a part-time tutor with a successful college career. Hymers was known for his familiarity with the progress of mathematics on the continent, and was quick to appreciate new mathematical techniques. He wrote several important treatises to help introduce Cambridge students to new material, including works on trigonometry, analytical geometry, conic sections, calculus and differential equations. The inside cover is signed 1868, the year George Darwin graduated as 2nd wrangler in the tripos. The figures referenced in the text were produced in plates at the end of the book, but Darwin perhaps drew the diagrams for himself at their relevant places. Passages have also been underlined throughout this copy, alongside numerous corrections and marginal notes.




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