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Whipple Library

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

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New Books

The Whipple Library acquires on average over 500 books a year in hard copy and electronic format. This includes a mixture of new titles and older classics that meet the criteria set out in our Collection Development Policy.

A selection of recently catalogued titles is provided here. Click on the images for holdings and availability:


understanding scientific understanding

Wissenschaftshistorisches Symposium Geschichte der Erdwissenschaften in Österreich

understanding explanation and scientific knowledge Muslims of medieval latin christendom

travelling at the speed of thought

the postgenomic condition the idea of a critical theory Explaining Understanding

the healthy jew

the gene the form of becoming Sodomy, masculinity and law in medieval literature

technical ekphrasis in greek and roman science and literature

sociable knowledge Serie und serialitait science and poetry in medieval persia
Routledge handbook of epistemic injustice rethinking race race racism and science papent politics
organisms agency and evolution medieval trinitarian thought Machines a Voir Linnaeus, natural history and the circulation of knowledge
interactive and sculptural printimaking insider trading being and time gravity's kiss
explanatory pluralism entre science et nigromance
decision theory with a human face
an introduction to decision theory
death and memory in early medieval britain creating scientific controversies Carnap, Quine and Putman om methods of inquiry black holes and time warps
biology and feminism a social history of maternaty and childbirth