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Whipple Library

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

 from the nativity of our Saviour to the year 1726 / by Colonel Parsons [i.e. by Guillaume Marcel and translated by William Parsons], The Xth impression, with alterations & amendments (London: printed for B. and B. Barker ..


The Whipple Library's special collections include numerous works on the subject of time and time-keeping, illustrating the breadth of its holdings. The collections encompass not only those works which describe the various chronometrical devices collected by Robert Whipple, but also books concerning geological time, chronology, the history and philosophy of time in general, or time as a special subject in physics and the theory of relativity. Some of these books are displayed here, alongside objects from the Whipple Museum's collections.


 Einstein or Bergson? / by Charles Nordmann; translated from the French by E.E. Fournier D'Albe (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1925) STORE 148:3.    Butterfield Dial by Nicholas Bion. The Butterfield dial is a form of horizontal dial, devised by Michael Butterfield, an Englishman who worked in Paris. Ca. 1700.    Time and timekeepers / by Adam Thomson [watchmaker] (London: T. & W. Boone, 1842) STORE 18:17.



 or, The compleat diallist ... / by Thomas Stirrup (London: printed by R. & W. Leybourn, for Thomas Pierrepont, 1652) CR 12:22.     Ivory diptych sundial. A diptych dial consists of hinged tablets, and normally carries a horizontal dial, a vertical dial, and an equinoctial dial. Second half of the seventeenth century, French.