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Whipple Library

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Publicity material and a catalogue from the Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company, where Robert Whipple worked from 1898 – first as assistant to Horace Darwin (youngest son of Charles Darwin), and later as Managing Director and Chairman.


The catalogue of physiological instruments shown here is of particular interest since it was prepared by Robert Whipple soon after he joined the Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company in August 1898. In 1942 Whipple wrote: 'The firm had exhausted its supply of literature dealing with physiological apparatus. It was arranged that I should prepare a catalogue of such instruments. I soon realized that the Company was much behind its foreign competitors, and I included in the catalogue many instruments we had not previously made, and yet which ought to be constructed in England if the firm was to remain in the forefront of such instrument makers. Whenever orders for the new instruments were received, a great deal of designing was required and many anxious decisions had to be taken as to whether it would be wise to make more than one of the new model.'csic2

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