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Bodington cover

Alice Bodington also wrote on evolution, although her work was intended for a general audience of adults. She aimed to bring the story of evolution up to the present day, and to make many observations and theories that had only appeared in specialist papers and scientific journals more accessible to a wider public. Along with disseminating these advances in knowledge, Bodington also wanted to point out the areas of study requiring further exploration.

In the Preface she comments on an idea apparently held at the time: that only those who have performed original experiments should write about science. She argues that writers like herself should be able to provide more general accounts of the state of knowledge within a scientific field. Through this she positioned herself as an expositor, interpreting theories and results for her audience.


Studies in evolution and biology, by Alice Bodington
London : Elliot Stock, 1890
STORE 135:2

Bodington title page and frontispiece

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