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Wabler postcard

William Henry Hudson (1841-1922) was born in the Buenos Aires province to American parents. In 1874 he moved to England which he called his spiritual home. He became a Chairman for the Committee of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in 1894 and when he died he left the majority of his estate to them. His book, Birds and man, demonstrates his aversion to stuffed birds “….and the best work of the taxidermist, who has given a life to his bastard art, produces in the mind only sensations of irritation and disgust”. There is a chapter in this book which focuses on the disappearance of certain birds and he discusses what is causing them to drop in numbers. The Dartford warbler is mentioned which has slowly increased in numbers from a few pairs in the 1960’s but it still remains on the amber list. This book is from the Rothschild Collection and is inscribed “Victor Rothschild from Uncle Walter”. 



 Birds and man / W.H. Hudson STORE 211:58




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