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Whipple Library

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

 a book for young students / by Mrs W. [i.e. Mrs Ward] (London: Groombridge and Sons, 1858) STORE 200:14.

The selection of the Whipple Library's books on microscopes that was displayed in the Reserve Gallery focused on nineteenth-century books intended for young readers. Two of the books are by Mrs Mary Ward (1827–1869), an Irish microscopist, astronomer, naturalist and artist, and the first woman to publish a book on the microscope. Originally published as Sketches with the microscope, the book was later republished as the World of wonders revealed by the microscope (1858). Ward illustrated all her own books, as well as those of other scientists, and an example of this aspect of her work is also shown here.

 or, Descriptions of various objects of especial interest and beauty, adapted for microscopic observation with directions for the arrangement of a microscope, and the collection and mounting of objects / by Mrs Ward, 3rd ed. (London: Groomb      

Simple microscope. This type of microscope was primarily used for dissection, and is equipped with a scalpel and other tools. Ca. 1830.



27    The wonders of the microscope










 or, Illustrations of the minute parts of creation, adapted to the capacity of the young / by Jos. H. Wythes (Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston, 1852) CR 1:49 (STORE)