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Microscopic illustrations of a few new, popular, and diverting living objects ; with their natural history, &c. &c. ; conjoined with accurate descriptions of the latest improvements in the new microscopes ; the best methods of constructing their mountings, apparatus, &c. ; and complete instructions for using them, by C.R. Goring and Andrew Pritchard.       
London : Whittaker, Treacher, & Co., 1830.

C.R. Goring (1792-1840), a medical practitioner, and Andrew Pritchard (1804-1882), a natural history author and instrument maker, were influential in calling attention to the developments and applications of the microscope in the 1830s. This was their most popular book and it reveals their aim to raise the profile of microscopy to rival that of astronomy and the telescope. Published in 1830, at a time when technical developments were transforming the use of the microscope, Goring and Pritchard’s work preceded, and helped to instigate, the growing popularity and commercialisation of the instrument in the later 19th century.

Goring Pritchard cover

Goring Pritchard opening

Goring Pritchard Frontispiece

Pritchard undertook the natural history aspects of this volume with his descriptions of insects, larvae and their behaviour, whilst Goring produced hand-drawn illustrations of the living subjects, a particularly difficult and often frustrating process.












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