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Whipple Library

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Studying at Cambridge


Collections Overview



Whipple Collection
Around 1300 rare books relating to scientific instruments and history of science, dating from the fifteenth to the twentieth century.



Phrenology Collection
350 items relating to phrenology, the belief derived from the theories of Franz Josef Gall (1758–1828) that the mental faculties are located in various parts or 'organs' of the brain, and investigable by feeling the surface of the skull.



Nineteenth-Century Collections
Nineteenth-century editions on biological sciences, chemistry, physics, natural history, medicine, scientific instruments and popular science.



Foster Pamphlet Collection
5,221 nineteenth-century pamphlets covering all aspects of the history of physiology.




Gerd Buchdahl Collection
Principally books by and relating to Immanuel Kant as well as general works on philosophy and the philosophy of science.




Featured items
Explore select items from the collections in further detail.