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Whipple Library

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

The University provides access to a large quantity of journal literature, current and historic, online and in print.

Journals can be tricky to find on the catalogue, so follow these simple steps to avoid disappointment:

If you are looking for particular article, and have the author and article title details:

  • Go to iDiscover and type in an author name and one or two key words from the title (focus on nouns and leave out connecting words and articles like 'and' or 'the').
  • iDiscover should return matching results from material that is available in full text online. You should be able to click through to the full text directly.

If this doesn't work, or you know the name of the journal but don't have the full article details:

  • Use the journals browser to check if the journal and date range you need is available online.
  • Note that some journals are accessible via more than one package or provider, so check the date range carefully before choosing one that covers the dates you need.
  • Some journals are only partially available online (the full run may not have been digitised, or the University may not have a subscription to the whole backfile), so you may need to consult a hard copy.

Finding journals in hard copy

  • Use iDiscover to search for the journal title (e.g. History of Science or Ambix, etc.).
  • This should tell you which libraries have a hard copy, and which volumes/years they hold.
  • Most libraries in the University are open to all University members. Use the Libraries Directory to find out more about one you haven't visited before.

The Whipple has a large collection of journals in hard copy, covering a range of topics in History and Philosophy of Science. You'll find current issues on display next to the new books shelves on Level 2, and bound copies of back issues in the Old Library. Please ask staff if you need help finding a journal.