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Adventures images

findlay large

brewster small

brewster large

braid power small

braid power large

braid hypnotic small

braid hypnotic large

findlay small

zollner title large

zollner plate4 small

zollner plate3 small

zollner plate4 large

zollner plate3 large

western small

western large

zollner frontispiece small


wallace small

wallace large

townshend small

townshend large

sidgwick title small

sidgwick title large

sidgwick portrait small

The portrait of Sidgwick taken from the frontispiece

sidgwick portrait large

sidgwick letter small

An example of one his letters about dealing with mediums

sidgwick letter large

raphael title small

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raphael title large

raphael table small

An example of one of the handwritten perpetual tables of the celestial houses

raphael table large

raphael plate small

Plate showing Mercury carrying the horoscope of King George IV, who was the reigning monarch at the time of the book's publication

raphael plate large

raphael frontispiece small

Frontispiece featuring Psalm 19:1 being handed down from heaven

raphael frontispiece large

jackson small

jackson large

goldsmith small

goldsmith large

zollner title small

zollner frontispiece large