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Whipple Library bags

Whipple Library bags

Our Whipple Library canvas bags cut a dash and will remind you of happy times spent here (we hope). Don't leave Cambridge without one - £4.50 from the Library desk!

Whipple Library bags - Read More…

Look after yourself this term

Bottled water is fine in the Library, and will help keep you hydrated and alert while you're working, but please don't bring in other drinks or any food. Please read on to see why...

Look after yourself this term - Read More…

Open research training for PhD students

Practical sessions from experts in scholarly communciation on topics relevant to PhD students in Humanities, Arts & Social Science subjects

Open research training for PhD students - Read More…

Sandars Lectures 2017

'A Cabinet of English Literary Treasures', 6, 7 & 8 March

Sandars Lectures 2017 - Read More…

Codices Hugeniani Online

Trial access to the fully digitized archive of Dutch mathematician and astronomer Christiaan Huygens (1629-95), until 14 February.

Codices Hugeniani Online - Read More…

Welcome back for the Lent Term

Lent Term has begun and late opening to 7pm has resumed. Please remember to bring back any outstanding vacation loans asap.

Welcome back for the Lent Term - Read More…

Exceptional dates

Details of opening hours and closed dates over the Christmas and New Year period.

Exceptional dates - Read More…

iDiscover drop-in sessions

Finding iDiscover difficult to use? Try one of the UL's drop-in help sessions for expert advice.

iDiscover drop-in sessions - Read More…

'Curious Objects' at the UL

An exhibition of the unexpected acquired during 600 years of collecting.

'Curious Objects' at the UL - Read More…

Eresources on trial

Trial access to 'Popular Medicine' and 'London Low Life' until 10 November

Eresources on trial - Read More…

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